About Us

PAI ENGINEERING Piping Analysis Incorporated tm  (PAI) was founded in 1972 by Don Hansen, M.E., P.E. as the first successful mechanical engineering company specializing in piping stress and flexibility analyses. Today, PAI ENGINEERING is a full-service mechanical and civil/structural engineering company that solves complex engineering problems at many locations around the world within the professional engineering standard-of-care. 

At PAI ENGINEERING we pride ourselves on producing quality engineering solutions. Our track record serves us well, and we’ve experienced steady growth since opening for business in 1972.  Taking care of Quality, within the professional engineering standard-of-care, is the vital guiding component of our work. The success of our business owes much to our solution systems, procedures, and how quickly we deliver these solutions to our customers.

We understand that efficiency loss and shut-downs cut deeply into the operating time of a facility. In an emergency situation, waiting days for engineering solutions means losing that many days of production.  If asked, PAI can work round-the-clock to provide the correct answers as quickly as possible…and, as usual, you can expect a workable, cost-effective solution.

Upon arrival at site, we plan to perform a walk-down field review of the system, gather the necessary drawings and information, and within a matter of hours we can suggest a preliminary solution to the problem. In an emergency, we can code the problem overnight and, in most emergency cases, present you with a calculated answer the next day.

Detailed orthographic drawings for construction together with material takeoffs can be provided for ease of construction and implementation. Also, a project schedule can be arranged and as an additional follow-on effort our engineers are often on site for fabrication and construction activity review when requested.

For more information don’t hesitate to call us at your convenience: +1 225 292 9709