We regularly review the intended functionality of overall designs as well as specific details of new or existing plants, and make predictions about expected service life. Decades of engineering experience have made us highly competent in the design of critical systems. For more information call +1 (225) 292 9709

Plant Design

Experience makes PAI Engineering the ideal partner for the overall design of a new plant or critical system. We also review designs of critical systems and make judgements about the reliability of that unit or plant.

Structural Supports

PAI ENGINEERING also provides structural analysis and design for piping systems and associated machinery, as well as that required for competent plant design or retrofitting.

Civil Engineering

PAI ENGINEERING knows what’s required of plant support structures and foundations, taking into consideration cost, safety and access. Our infrastructure designs are intended to provide decades of reliable service with some redundancy that may facilitate future upgrades.

Construction Drawings

From our design or yours, we can provide detailed plans, elevations, details and isometric drawings for piping and civil/structural fabrication and installation.

Project Scheduling

PAI ENGINEERING can provide project scheduling for our designs, the construction of a new plant or facility, refurbishment of an existing system, organization of an upcoming turnaround or carrying out owner approved changes to a system in operation.


In the interest of safety and owner quality control, engineering firms and plant owners sometimes require design follow-up, especially for critical systems or new designs. PAI ENGINEERING can, if asked, also provide oversight engineering, and engineering oversight for the owner’s co-ordination of the construction of PAI reviewed/designed systems.